Tilapia Pond Stocking (per pound)


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Tilapia are more safe and an easier control for algae and duckweed in your ponds. Think of the health of your pond and the other aquatic life within your pond when you use chemicals.  By being ecofriendly you are helping to keep your pond and the neighboring community safer.  Another benefit to stocking your pond is Tilapia bread easily in the summer months providing additional cleaning besides adding an additional food source for your predator fish within the pond. Tilapia will not last over the winter, water temps below 50 degrees, so they will not be a factor or depleting the oxygen levels which are lower during the winter months.  It’s a win-win for you and others.  You can even harvest your Tilapia at the end of the Fall.  We stock at a rate of 30-40 lbs per acre.

Note: Delivery is an extra charge. This can be paid in full with the purchase of the fish or paid at the time of stocking in your pond.

Note: (ONLY IN INDIANA!  NO DELIVERY OUTSIDE THE STATE FOR POND STOCKING.  YOU CAN ALWAYS PICK UP AT THE FARM)…..Pond stocking is $2.25 per mile and billed when stocking the pond. We try our best to group customers together to help lower the overall price.

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